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Smoking at Queen's

The numbers
80% of Queen's students are smoke-free on a regular basis (1998 Queen's Lifestyles Study, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health).

What they mean
Compared to the general population, more Queen's students makes healthy choices about tobacco use. However, all students continue to be at risk from second-hand smoke. About 1000 Canadians die each year from complications caused by, or conditions exacerberated by second-hand smoke inhalation.
In the general population, men and women aged 20 - 22 form the largest group of smokers (37% of men, and 36% of women) - this number is much smaller at Queen's. However, the fastest growing group of smokers is young women aged 15 - 19. Tobacco companies continue to specifically target this group through various marketing tactics.

Leave the Pack Behind is an inter-university group run by students, for students dedicated to educating others about the risks of smoking, and to provide non-judgemental, peer-based interventions in order to reduce smoking amongst university students. It also includes links to other fun and informative websites.

If you currently smoke or know someone that does, find out about the social risks and the health risks of smoking, and the benefits of quitting. If you're a smoker with lots of do-gooder friends who are concerned about your health and trying ot help you cut down or quit, find out how to diplomatically get them off your back!


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